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Other areas of help with Yvonne at Daisy Vision Counselling - for a brighter tomorrow!

My areas of help through counselling include:


Other Life changes

Anxiety / Stress,

Low self-esteem and self love issues




Although we often categorise the area of help needed as above, I am very aware in reality, it's often difficult to pinpoint one area in which we need counselling and I often find that as I counsel people it becomes clear that although they may have come to me for help with anxiety or depression they are in fact struggling with a loss for which they've not been able to grieve. In some cases, children lose a parent and it isn't until they reach a crisis point as an adult that they suffer with their mental health as a result of not having grieved.


I specialise in Bereavement Counselling

I’m passionate about helping others cope with life’s problems and, in particular with grief, having experienced many losses myself - my nan and pets as a child, and as an adult, miscarriages, our family dog, my parents, aunts, uncles and friends.

For many grieving is a very lonely, private experience, often seen as unacceptable in company. In offering Bereavement Counselling I join my clients on their grieving journey, listening with empathy, allowing them to talk freely about their struggles, their thoughts and emotions resulting from their loss, and enabling them to find hope, purpose and happiness in life again.

My online bereavement counselling encompasses loss of loved ones of all ages, including miscarriages, and is not limited to our family and friends, but also our pets. I see it as a privilege to come alongside others in their time of need and would love to help you if you’re struggling with loss.

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We often come to the place of wanting counselling when we're confused about what we're feeling, how to deal with life's difficulties, and unable to move on alone.

I come alongside my client's helping them to make sense of where they're at and what they're feeling, and help them to find a way out of their place of pain and support them as they move forward, step by step, to a brighter, more hopeful future.

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