Counselling for miscarriages

Counselling for miscarriages by Yvonne at Daisy Vision Counselling

I offer counselling for miscarriages, as I understand from personal experience how important it is to grieve after your devastating loss.

If can be particularly difficult, to find someone to talk to, who is compassionate and will understand what you are going through.  Although it's not always seen as a real loss by others, for the expectant parents, it's extremely devastating when a pregnancy suddenly terminates, no matter at what stage it happens.

If like us, you'd already started to plan around the fact that you were going to be parents, and started to gather together baby things in preparation for your little one, it can come as an immense shock when, all of a sudden, your dream is shattered. I can still remember being shouted at by a nurse "there's nothing there!" when I was struggling to accept that I had lost my baby in the early stages of my pregnancy, following a scan.

I am offering bereavement counselling, specifically for this loss, as I have compassion for others who may be also struggling to accept their loss.

If you would like to talk to me about bereavement counselling, following a miscarriage, you can ring me on 07726 465229 or email [email protected].

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