Bags of bricks


Feeling exhausted, drained, alone, staring through lifeless eyes, crushed?

Does everything seem like an uphill battle?

Do you feel defeated before you even begin?

When did you last laugh, or even smile?

Is life like going uphill while holding two bags of bricks?

Does it really have to be this hard?

Releasing depression!

What you're experiencing doesn’t have to be your 'normal', you can let go of it, you can put down the bags of bricks!

Life has its natural ups and downs. With this often comes painful experiences. We all have different ways to cope when life throws us a curved ball: Sometimes we can face a situation head on and address and overcome it; sometimes we may release emotions, cry or even laugh.

Often, however, it’s not like that - we suppress our emotions - we think it’s how we can continue to function. We still have responsibilities, commitments - we can’t let down our children or those around us. So, we bury our real feelings. We don’t necessarily even know we have done, we just need to push on.

Often we just throw ourselves into our work even harder, pushing down and repressing our feelings still further.

Pushing on though becomes harder, it takes more energy to keep everything suppressed. We find we have less resources than we used to have, but the demands on us are ever-increasing. We may feel irritable fractious, easily say things we don’t really mean, or retreat inside ourselves becoming uncommunicative and isolated. We may just ignore and avoid situations, burying our head in the sand.

Is this how you feel?

It’s understandable that you feel the way you do, that the things you used to be able to enjoy no longer hold the pleasure they once did, that relationships around you may feel strained as you struggle to maintain them.

This is where counselling comes in, to provide you with a safe space in which you can address and work through your repressed feelings. Together the weight can be lifted and even removed. You can make sense of your past feelings, gaining a fresh perspective. Emotions can be re-processed in a gentle and safe way, allowing you the freedom to start to move on and reconnect to positive emotions and life itself.  You can start to live your life to the full, enjoying all it has to offer again.