Testimonials and reviews

Testimonials for Yvonne, Daisy Vision Counselling

Testimonials and reviews following counselling with Yvonne at Daisy Vision Counselling:


"So, just a simple question kind of turns it around for me and makes me look at it from a different angle ... so it definitely has been helpful."

(Matt, online video counselling)


"I didn't feel inhibited at all because I was given the space to talk ... you weren't too pushy in terms of moving on ..."

(Josie, online video counselling)


"... that was very good! Thank you."

(Carrie, online video counselling)


"...it's been helpful because you obviously look at things differently, and the questions you ask make me question what's going on in my head."

(Luke, online video counselling)


Testimonials are used with permission although names may be changed to preserve privacy.

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