Counselling for job loss

Counselling for job loss with Yvonne, at Daisy Vison Counselling

Counselling for job loss focuses on helping to come to terms with a life change, that has often come as a shock.

Naturally, when someone loses a job it can cause lots of insecurities to arise, and worries about how to cope financially. It is quite natural to feel rejection, a loss of identity, feel inadequate, suffer with low self-esteem, feel like a failure, have a lack of motivation, and find it hard to function on a daily basis. This can lead to depression if left unaddressed.


“Some people have jobs, some people have careers, and some people have callings,” he says. “When they lose that, they lose a lot.”

Richard H. Price, the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research, 1988.


If you’ve lost your job recently, and don’t know how to cope with the sense of loss, counselling may help you work through the grieving process and find a way to move on. With the nature of the loss it’s important that you get help if you need it to help build you up again and restore the confidence you may have lost, so that you can begin to look at new possibilities before too much time passes.


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