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Grief counselling with Yvonne at Daisy Vision Counselling

“Loss involves the separation from something – maybe large, maybe small – that has meaning to us and to which we feel strongly connected”.

(Michael Ball, BSW, MSW, Flinders University, Adelaide, SA.)


We grieve when we suffer a loss, whether we are bereaved or whether we suffer a loss that is due to a different life change.

We don’t naturally cope well with change, even if we can see it coming. When faced with loss, we often go into a state of shock and denial, as a means of survival instantly. In time, we reach a point at which we are better able to begin to face the situation, although how long it takes to reach this point can vary hugely. We are all unique and all have unique experiences of grieving, although there are common emotions that most of us go through at some point.

Even if we delay the grieving process, we do have to go through it at some point. We may think we are coping and staying strong but, sooner or later, we find ourselves needing to grieve. Our need to deal with our associated emotions can suddenly arise, particularly at key times of year or special dates, even if we are not conscious of the significance at the time.

We often come to a place of wanting counselling when we’re confused about what we’re thinking and feeling. By having the opportunity to talk openly, we tend to be able to see more clearly and find solutions to our problems, enabling us to be able to move on, with a sense of purpose. This particularly the case with suffering a loss. It helps to have someone else to help us through the grieving process, whatever our loss.

I offer Bereavement counselling and Grief Counselling for change and loss .


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