Counselling for pet bereavement

Counselling for pet bereavment with Yvonne, at Daisy Vision Counselling

I offer counselling for pet bereavement as I recognise that people losing a pet are just as likely to need help with grieving as anyone else who is bereaved.

I see pet bereavement as being every bit as harrowing an experience as losing a relative or friend, and it can even be more devastating for some people, where there is a extremely close attachment to their dog, cat or other pet.

I recognise that the grieving process experienced when bereaved of a pet is the same as grieving for a human companion and should be taken just as seriously. The same emotions can be experienced as with any other bereavement and it can take just as long to adjust to life without our pet.

Grieving for a pet is even made more traumatic if it's seen by friends and family as unnecessary, and so disallowed. The comment "why don't you just go and get another dog?" feels extremely callous if you're struggling to cope with your loss and seems totally unreasonable - it is a form of "disenfranchised grief" - where grieving is not permitted and you feel you have to keep your grieving secret or risk losing the support of friends and family, just when you need it most.

This is when bereavement counselling can really help - giving you a regular opportunity to talk openly about what you're going through without the fear of being judged for anything you say. It allows you to deal with all of the emotions you're struggling with, giving you permission to say what you like.