Bereavement counselling

Bereavement Counselling with Yvonne, at Daisy Vision Counselling - for a brigher tomorrow!

Struggling with loss? Bereavement counselling may help you cope.

Grief is something that we all have to deal with at some point in our lives. Even if we normally cope reasonably with life's difficulties, experiencing a bereavement can be much harder.

Our emotions can be very mixed and unusually extreme, and the extra pressures inflicted by needing to make arrangements for funerals, etc. can mean that we often don't allow ourselves to time to grieve but suppress our emotions in order to keep going and even remain strong for others.

Numbness in Grief - Bereavement Counselling with Yvonne at Daisy Vision Counselling - for a brighter tomorrow!

Numbness is a natural reaction to the loss of a loved one - it's a built-in means of protecting us from overwhelming grief, often in the initial stages of loss. As time passes, the numbness begins to decrease and we can start to experience a whole range of emotions including shock and denial, guilt, extreme sadness, and anger.

Initially it can be difficult to talk about our loss, and we may initially put-off counselling but in time we often find we are ready to work through the stages of grieving, accepting our loss and finding hope for the future. We begin to smile and laugh again, as we look back on happy memories and even start to make plans for our future.

Sometimes we feel forced to address our grief, due to being unable to cope any longer. Bereavement counselling can help bring us to a place of release from the pain of grieving, as we begin to talk about our loss, and deal with our emotions rather than suppressing them. It provides a regular opportunity to put ourselves first, rather than dependents or work, and can even bring about improvements in our physical health which often takes a knock following bereavement.

My online bereavement counselling encompasses loss of loved ones of all ages, including miscarriages, and is not limited to our family and friends, but also our pets.

I am aware that in some circumstances we grieve even before our loss is complete, known as anticipatory grief. It doesn't replace the grieving that will take place when you are bereaved but is in additional grief.

If you are struggling with the grieving process I would see it as a privilege to come alongside you, in your time of need and be there, listening, and supporting you as you come to terms with you loss and find a way to cope with life again.


To talk confidentially please ring me on 07726 465229, or email [email protected].

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