A Daisy Vision Reference

Although I have not known Daryl and Yvonne in a professional counselling relationship, I have been blessed to know them as very close friends for 7 years now.

Having travelled a very painful and difficult journey, in my own life, over that time, I could not imagine more safe, loving, genuine and trustworthy people to share my journey with, as I have found in this beautiful Christian couple.
I have been able to safely share my heart with Yvonne, holding nothing back, and come through to much healing as a result. Her love for God and deep compassion for those who are finding life immensely difficult are two things I very much value about her.
She is an excellent listener, patient, and able to put people immediately at ease. I want to assure anyone thinking of coming to her for counselling, that you will be in safe hands.
Both her, and Daryl, have blessed me extensively during times when my heart has felt irredeemably broken and shattered, and they have also been the first people to rejoice with me over many, little-by-little, victories in my life (the significance of which many would have no idea of the true magnitude of).
Although I know they will not force their faith on anyone who is not wanting to avail of it, and will be amazingly good counsellors to Christians and non-believers alike, I see their love for God as something very precious, that for me has deeply impacted my life, in an immensely beautiful way since I first came to know them.
For me personally, I am certain I could  not have come through to the place of freedom, life and joy that I have recently started to experience (after years of walking in the footsteps of immense trauma) without first having had safe, patient and consistent help, to be able to see the truth of just how much God loves me, and in using His unchangeable Word to replace the deeply-rooted lies, that I had unknowingly believed about myself, for so long.
For all who are recognising that something needs to change, but not knowing where you can safely take a first step toward that, I want to encourage you that Daryl and Yvonne are definitely, very safe and genuine people, who I believe you will very easily come to trust and feel at ease with.
Joanna (South Yorkshire)


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