My Counselling Costs

My prices for online and phone counselling at Daisy Vision Counselling

My counselling costs depend on how many sessions you want to book at a time. An individual counselling session costs £55 and lasts 60 minutes.

Alternatively, a block of 4 sessions costs £200 (£50 each 60-minute session), making it more cost-effective if you want 4 or more sessions.I advise that a minimum of 4 sessions is necessary if we are to make any significant progress.


Why 60-minute sessions?

My counselling sessions are 60 minutes long, unlike most counselling sessions termed the "counselling hour" which are only 50-minute sessions.

I used to offer 50 minutes but I found that offering an hour-long session better enables me to spend time at the beginning ensuring my client is feeling comfortable about the session, and knows what to expect, and allows me to ensure they are ready to move out of the 'safe place' I offer in counselling before they enter the world again at the end of the session.

Free 15-minute consultation

To arrange your free consultation, by phone, you can email [email protected] or phone me on 07726 465229.


How many sessions will you need?

The number of sessions needed varies with each individual, usually between 4 and 12 session. If you book a block of 4 sessions, we will review things on each fourth session. You can then make the decision about whether you would like another block of 4 sessions, book single sessions and gradually phase them out by increasing the time between session, or if you feel you are ready to face life on your own.


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