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Services offered by Yvonne at Daisy Vision Counselling

I offer online counselling services, enabling my clients to explore their thoughts and feelings, in confidence, within the safety and privacy of their own home.

Online counselling from home, using video, is a preferred option by many clients today - with many of the advantages of meeting in person, such as being able to see each other as we talk, but without the inconvenience or cost of having to travel, which is particularly suited to counselling for loss and other issues which can be emotionally demanding. It's nice to know you can just walk into the kitchen to make a cuppa straight afterwards.

If online counselling on Zoom, is not a good fit I can arrange phone counselling, still enabling you to explore your problems in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

I will come alongside you and help them deal with life’s difficulties, without judgment, and working at your own pace.

I work with you to bring about the changes you want, which may include setting specific goals, as we move forward to a brighter tomorrow. I  hope my clients will leave counselling with a sense of acceptance, purpose and hope for the future.


It's natural to feel overwhelmed by life's problems

I understand that life isn't always easy to cope with, sometimes problems being thrown at us when we're off-guard and others inflicted on us as we reach different stages of life. Sometimes we don't feel equipped to manage and need someone to come along side to listen as we work through our problems and find ways of dealing with them.


Dealing with the pain of the past

Sometimes we have lived through painful situations which had a lasting effect on us. We don't always deal with issues as they arise and try to move on, only to find they come to the surface years later. If you need help to deal with the past, I will come alongside you, and help you to find healing for the pain, and hope for the future.


Help to overcome grief and loss, anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem.

Whether you are struggling with issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem, grief and loss, or relationship issues, I will help you to work through your thoughts and feelings, finding solutions to your problems and helping you to grow personally, bringing about changes that lead to a more fulfilled life.


Treated with respect, listened to without fear of judgment

My clients are respected, valued and listened to without fear of judgement. They are helped to explore their thoughts and feelings at a comfortable pace, covering ground as they feel able, without pressure to do so.


How to take the first step:

I realize it isn’t always easy to take the first step so I'm here to help you.

Simply phone me on 07726 465229, or email me at [email protected] I would love to talk through your counselling needs and book you in at a time to suit your diary.


Please note: I do not give emergency support for a crisis.

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