Email counselling

Email counselling with Daisy Vision with Yvonne at Daisy Vision Counselling

Introducing email counselling

Email counselling can be in the form of a one-off email, or in the form of a 'conversation' using emails.

Email counselling can give you an outlet for facing anxiety, stress etc. at the time you are struggling with it - you don't have to wait until a counselling session to be able to tell someone, when it may be harder to access what you have been going through. This means you don't have to bottle-up your emotions but can express them immediately through writing them down. You will then be able to read through what you have written, and amend it, should you want, and send it to me when you feel ready.

You will need to  book a counselling session scheduling a 60-minute period in which I  can consider your email and respond to you.

If you choose email therapy in the form of a 'conversation' using emails, I will contact you by email at the time scheduled to begin your therapy.

I recognise that life's problems can cause us to react in various ways - sometimes we are tempted to try burying our problems, and failing to recognise them or deal with them can then cause a build-up of emotions that often don't get addressed until we reach crisis point. I  can help if you're struggling with anxiety, stress, fear of the future, low self-esteem, depression, major life changes, grief and loss, or relationship issues.


Some benefits of email counselling:

  • Emails can be written at a convenient time, and in the comfort of your home

  • Emails can be written on a computer, laptop or phone

  • Responses can be read when convenient

  • Responses can be contemplated before receiving further counselling

  • You can refer back to previous counselling should you need


Taking the first step

Just like other online and phone counselling, email counselling is provided according to an agreement between the client and therapist.

If you would like to know more please  phone me on 07726 465229 or email [email protected].