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About me, Yvonne, at Daisy Vision Counselling, for a brighter tomorrow!

Hello, I'm Yvonne,

I'm passionate about helping people cope with the difficulties of life, and find purpose and hope when they feel all is lost. Daisy Vision Counselling is all about coming alongside people, in their time of need, being there to listen, to show that someone cares, often when they feel they have no one else they can turn to.


Counselling in Matlock, Derbyshire

I am based in the beautiful town of Matlock, in the Derbyshire Dales, right in the centre of the country. I love being able to look out of my windows at the amazing hillside, and enjoy this view as we work through the seasons. I realise though, that it doesn’t matter how amazing the place you live, if you’re suffering with deep, emotional pain, you may be unable to connect to such beauty and life can still seem unbearable.

My counselling is online so no matter where in the country you are based, I am able to help. This enables you to work in a very similar way to in-person counselling but within the comfort of your home, and without the hassle and expense of travelling to a session, particularly when dealing with very personal, upsetting issues.


Bereavement Counselling

Although I recognise that everyone’s problems are unique to them, I believe my own personal experiences in life help me to empathise with my clients. This is particularly the case with bereavement, having experienced many loses myself - my nan and pets as a child, and as an adult, miscarriages, our family dog, my parents, aunts, uncles and friends

I realise that grieving can be a very lonely, private experience, often seen as unacceptable in company. In offering Bereavement Counselling I join my clients on their grieving journey, listening with empathy, allowing them to talk freely about their struggles, their thoughts and emotions resulting from their loss, and enabling them to find hope, purpose and happiness in life again.

I can fill that gap when it’s hard to talk to friends and family, you want to avoid burdening them, when you feel you need to be strong for those depending on you, or when you don’t have anyone to turn to in confidence.


I realise it can take a lot of courage to begin counselling but would love to talk to you and begin to put your mind at rest.


You can call me on 07726 465229 or email [email protected].

You don't have to cope alone!


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