Do you want to improve your marriage? Is your marriage at breaking point? Have you fallen out of love? Are you wanting to find out how to make marriage work from the beginning?

Daisy Vision can help you to find the solutions to a better marriage, a happier relationship, and rediscover what it was about your partner that you loved in the first place. For those about to get married we can help you to consider what you want out of your relationship and how to work together to achieve happiness.

We can offer couples a session with a single counsellor or a married couple with over 30 years' experience of married life.  They do not profess to have the perfect relationship but do have a relationship based on Christian principles, where love and respect have a big part to play. They have learnt the importance of communication and how to work together to make their relationship what it is today. They can empathize and help you to work together to overcome the frustrations that can so often spoil relationships and that can even lead to break-ups.


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